Chat Line Free Trial

  • Chat line free trials can be a way to add some Wild and Exciting fun to your life! 
  • You will find a wide variety of interesting callers to talk live with 24 Hours a day. 
  • You just record a greeting describing yourself and right away you’re in the live action queue. 
  • Listen to the lineup of other callers and then choose who you would like to chat with, or send out a whole bunch of messages and see who comes back and tries to Hit-U-UP
  • The results can be very Surprising and Titillating!

Dial 1-509-676-1985 FREE Try

  • You may get nervous and forget what you want to say once you call get in on the chat line.  
  • It helps to prepare ahead by writing down some thoughts or ideas on paper to keep handy.  
  • That way if you call in again a day or week later and want to portray the same character again, you will remember what you said before.
  • There are NO hard-and-fast rules.
  • Truly ANYTHING GOES!  In the heat of the moment, with hundreds of messages being exchanged at a rapid pace, likely no one will notice if you mix up personas.   

  • You’ll never know who’s out there when you first call the Phone Chat Line.  Mostly it's just everyday people seeking plain old casual conversation.
  • OR real super freaks looking to get their rocks off.  The opportunities are virtually endless.
  • You can just be yourself, or make up a character or personality outside your normal persona.  
  • Most of the fun is exploring something new and different because, after all you will never see the person you are chatting with – and they will never see you.

Listen to ADULT Bedtime Stories

  • Until you really get the hang of it, you may want to try calling at a less busy time of the day.  
  • It can be intimidating to call when the line is jam-packed full of people Chatting and Listening to Adult Bedtime Stories.  
  • However, even if you lack the confidence at first, you will quickly learn the hang of it.
  • Bottom line – just give it a try, and BUZZ the Chat Line for a Free Trial this second.

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